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Ultimate NES Remix 3DS (EUR) CIA [BEST]

The first game in the series, NES Remix, is composed of 16 vintage Nintendo Entertainment System games with a total of 204 challenges throughout; the second game, NES Remix 2, features 12 additional NES games with a further 169 challenges. Mostly composed of vintage excerpts from games, these compilations also present special categories of stages called remixes to additionally concoct unique challenges not possible in the original games. The purchase of both NES Remix and NES Remix 2 will unlock Championship Mode in the latter, sporting a new online leaderboards system.

Ultimate NES Remix 3DS (EUR) CIA


The remix categories are additionally based on the fundamental reshaping or combination of games, sometimes by blending in more modern graphical features of the Wii U, for a new experience that may even be technologically impossible on the vintage NES. For example: completing a darkened level which is lit only by a spotlight superimposed over the player's character; navigating upon disappearing platforms in Super Mario Bros.; or playing a Donkey Kong stage as Link instead of Mario, challenged by Link's inability to jump.

NES Remix 2 contains two particularly substantial remixes. Reminiscent of 1990's Nintendo World Championships tour across America, the Nintendo World Championships Remix is unlocked if NES Remix is also purchased and its save file is present. This remix pushes players through three successive challenges in Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, and Dr. Mario, in order to achieve a ranking score on its new online leaderboards. Super Luigi Bros.[f] is a Luigi themed remix of the entire Super Mario Bros. game which is now played reverse-mirrored from right to left. It features Luigi's higher jumping ability which had not been originally introduced until the 1986 Japanese sequel Super Mario Bros. 2.

IGN's follow-up review for NES Remix 2 is also overall positive, rating it at 7.7 out of 10.0. While noting this sequel's fulfillment of their original request for leaderboards and for a superior selection of games, IGN says about the remix portion of the collection that "better games don't necessarily make for better remixes". They specifically commend Nintendo's "great job of revealing the overlooked, clever design" of the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2, and summarily praise the overall collection by "officially demanding more".[45] GameSpot assigns a 7.0 out of 10.0, calling NES Remix 2 "a delightful experience" with "more than enough content to keep you busy ... for a good while".[46]

Of course, much of that appeal comes down to just how invested you are in the Nintendo universe. NES Remix is all about nostalgia, from the 8-bit-inspired music and menus, to the classic cuts of games that make up its many challenges. Like the games that inspired them, the remixed challenges play to the old-school mechanics of score chasing and speed, focusing on dexterity and concentration over more modern conceits like accessibility and story. That's not to say knowing how to make Mario jump over a set of obstacles is particularly challenging, but doing so against the clock when the obstacles suddenly turn invisible most certainly is.

Other highlights include Little Mac's career from Punch Out!!, which is as much a puzzle game as it is a fighter. Nailing those tricky dodges by looking at the tells of your opponent is as cruel and as tense as ever, making victory against those muscled titans oh so satisfying. Kirby's remixed levels are similarly great, with one standout placing the ghosts of Mario onto a boss level, requiring you to quickly turn around to stop their progress while simultaneously trying to suck down fruit to fire back at the boss.

Note: Just finished watching the new Arrival movie. Started as a Day The Earth Stood Still knockoff plus remix of some other elements cuz modern day Hollywood just reboots shit. Then, turned into quite a good presentation with unique elements & mystery. Gonna have to rewatch it. One of few that might have outdid original. Will have to rewatch original, too. 041b061a72


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