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Brand X Music Discography 2003 2012 29

In 2004, Goodrem began a nine-month relationship with Australian tennis player Mark Philippoussis. Her comeback single, "Out of the Blue", was written about his support during her cancer battle.[150][151] Later in 2004, Goodrem began dating former Westlife singer Brian McFadden, with whom she collaborated on the duet "Almost Here". They were engaged, but the pair ended their relationship in April 2011.[152] In May 2011, Goodrem started dating Nick Jonas. They broke up in February 2012.[153] Goodrem has been in a relationship with fellow musician Matthew Copley since late 2017.[154]

Brand X Music Discography 2003 2012 29

He began music production in 2003, with his first VOCALOID music submission made in 2010[1]. He mainly uses Hatsune Miku in his VOCALOID songs and has made demo songs for Tone Rion, IA, Anri Rune, and Hatsune Miku V3. In more recent works, he has taken to use ACE Studio vocal Qi Xuan. Kikuo's most popular songs include "Gomenne, Gomenne" and "Aishite, Aishite, Aishite". 350c69d7ab


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