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Candydoll Tv Laura

The latest Tweets from @laura_b_candydoll (#laura_b_candydoll #laura). #laurabcandydoll #laura #candydoll #laura_b #reviews #cosmetics #beauty #scottsdale #sanfrancisco #tampa #losangeles #laura_b_candydoll #laura_b_candydoll #laura_b_candydoll.

candydoll tv laura

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Youtube Laura's Boudoir-idol Dance Videos'Check out Laura's dance videos on Youtube. The studio that she uses is scheduled for an update to 2014. She is one of the new faces youll be seeing a lot of in 2014. Laura's also just released a hot new video called 'Leo's Girlfriend.'.

I first met Candydoll over six years ago when I got the very first Cake Barbie Doll that I had ever seen. I first met Candydoll in New York City. Her shop on Greene St. was very impressive - like a real home that had been designed by a fashion designer. She had on one of my dream outfits - a fishtail dress with white booties. I was in awe as she spoke with me about her life in fashion and how she owns her own home.

When I saw her ponytail in the photo, I knew immediately she was the Candy Doll. Candy Doll's hair is very special to me as she has grown and became a total part of my world. I think Candydoll is a very interesting character and she's very intelligent.

After moving to Los Angeles, I started to write to Candydoll asking for her hair and makeup tutorials. Her website was sold out of everything, so I had to order her epaulets, boots, thong briefs and amethyst turban online, after the designer that custom made the outfit said she could make it from scratch.


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