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How to Download Happy New Year Movie 1080p

How to Download Happy New Year Movie 1080p

Happy New Year is a 2014 Indian action comedy film directed by Farah Khan and produced by Gauri Khan. The film features an ensemble cast of Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood, Boman Irani, Vivaan Shah and Jackie Shroff. The film follows a gang of amateur dancers who take part in a dancing competition to avenge their personal vendetta[^2^] [^3^].

download happy new year movie 1080p

If you want to watch this movie in high quality, you can download it from a torrent site that offers 1080p resolution. One such site is[^1^], which provides a link to download Happy New Year 2014 with subtitles. However, you should be aware that downloading movies from torrent sites may be illegal in your country and may expose you to malware or viruses. Therefore, you should use a VPN service and an antivirus software to protect your device and your privacy.

Alternatively, you can watch Happy New Year 2014 legally on streaming platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, if they are available in your region. You may need to pay a subscription fee or rent the movie to access it. You can also check the IMDb page of the movie[^2^] for more information on where to watch it online.

Happy New Year 2014 is a fun and entertaining movie that will make you laugh and cheer for the characters. If you are a fan of Bollywood movies or action comedies, you should give it a try.In this article, we will give you a brief overview of the plot and the characters of Happy New Year 2014. We will also share some trivia and facts about the movie that you may not know.

The Plot

The movie begins with a flashback to 2006, when a diamond heist goes wrong and Charlie (Shah Rukh Khan) is betrayed by his partner Charan Grover (Jackie Shroff), who steals the diamonds and frames Charlie's father Manohar (Anupam Kher) for the crime. Manohar dies in prison, leaving Charlie with a desire for revenge.

Eight years later, Charlie assembles a team of misfits to execute his plan. They are Jagmohan (Sonu Sood), a former army officer who lost his hearing in a bomb blast; Tammy (Boman Irani), a safecracker who is past his prime; Rohan (Vivaan Shah), a hacker who is obsessed with Nandu (Abhishek Bachchan), a lookalike of Charan's son Vicky; and Mohini (Deepika Padukone), a bar dancer who dreams of becoming an actress.

The team enters the World Dance Championship in Dubai, where Charan is hosting the event and keeping the diamonds in a vault under the hotel. The team poses as a dance group called Team India, despite having no talent or training in dancing. They manage to qualify for the finals with the help of Rohan's hacking skills and Mohini's charm. Along the way, they face various obstacles and challenges, such as rival teams, security guards, and their own personal issues.

In the final round, Team India performs a spectacular dance that wins them the trophy and the hearts of the audience. They also succeed in stealing the diamonds from the vault and exposing Charan's crimes to the world. Charlie fulfills his father's wish of restoring the honor of India and avenges his death. The movie ends with Team India celebrating their victory and happiness.

The Characters

Happy New Year 2014 features a star-studded cast of Bollywood actors who deliver memorable performances. Here are some of the main characters and their traits:

  • Charlie: The leader of Team India and the mastermind of the heist. He is smart, charismatic, and determined to get his revenge. He also falls in love with Mohini during the course of the movie.

  • Mohini: The only female member of Team India and the best dancer among them. She is bubbly, naive, and optimistic. She has a crush on Charlie and helps him overcome his guilt and anger.

  • Jagmohan: The muscle of Team India and Charlie's loyal friend. He is brave, strong, and patriotic. He also has a soft spot for children and animals.

  • Tammy: The oldest member of Team India and Charlie's uncle. He is experienced, witty, and sarcastic. He also has a strained relationship with his son Pappu (Prithviraj Sukumaran), who disapproves of his lifestyle.

  • Rohan: The youngest member of Team India and Charlie's protege. He is talented, nerdy, and enthusiastic. He also has a crush on Nandu, whom he idolizes as a star.

  • Nandu: The wild card of Team India and Vicky's lookalike. He is clumsy, funny, and unpredictable. He also has a drinking problem and a habit of lying.

  • Charan: The main antagonist of the movie and Charlie's nemesis. He is greedy, ruthless, and arrogant. He also has a strained relationship with his son Vicky (Abhishek Bachchan), who resents him for his cruelty.

  • Vicky: Charan's son and Nandu's doppelganger. He is spoiled, arrogant, and rude. He also has a rivalry with Team India, especially Nandu.

The Trivia

Happy New Year 2014 is one of the most successful Bollywood movies of all time. It broke several box office records and received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. Here are some interesting facts about the movie that you may not know:

  • The movie was shot in various locations across Dubai, such as Atlantis The Palm, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai Airport, etc.

The movie features several cameo appearances by famous Bollywood actors such as Anurag Kashyap 0efd9a6b88


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