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At Dead Of Night

At Dead Of Night is part horror film, part horror game and part ghost hunt. It seamlessly blends live-action and computer rendered graphics to create a unique immersive horror experience like no other. You play Maya, a student trapped in a remote hotel run by a psychopath called Jimmy Hall. Jimmy has tied up Maya's friends and locked them in their rooms, with evil intentions. Maya has managed to escape, but Jimmy is on the prowl looking for her. However, to get him to release her friends, Maya must uncover Jimmy's dark secrets. Using an ancient ghost voice receiver she finds, Maya must communicate with the ghosts of Jimmy's past, who manifest around the hotel and gradually reveal their stories. At the end, after finding all about Jimmy's past, it is revealed that his dead father and former abuser Hugo Hall is possessing Jimmy, and is fighting him for control of his own body.

At Dead Of Night

Racing car driver Hugh Grainger recalls lying in hospital after an accident. One night, the peripheral noises of the ward cease and the time on his bedside clock changes. He opens the curtains to see that it is daytime, and a horse-drawn hearse is parked outside. The hearse driver calls up, "just room for one inside, sir". After being discharged from the hospital, Grainger waits for a bus. The bus conductor, who exactly resembles the hearse driver, tells him, "just room for one inside, sir". Grainger does not board the bus. As it drives away, the bus swerves and plunges down an embankment.

Foley recounts two golfers, George Parratt and Larry Potter, who both fell in love with a woman named Mary Lee. They decide to play a round of golf for Mary's hand in marriage. Parratt wins by cheating, and Potter drowns himself in a nearby lake. When he next plays golf, Parratt is interrupted by Potter's ghost. Potter demands he give up Mary or else he will continue to haunt him, but finds he has forgotten how to vanish. On the night of Parratt and Mary's wedding, Parratt unwittingly causes himself to vanish, leaving Potter the opportunity to charm Mary.

In the country home, Craig strangles Dr. van Straaten. Craig then hallucinates about the stories told by the other guests, before awakening in his bedroom as a phone rings. He receives a call from Elliot Foley, inviting him to his country home to consult on some renovations. Craig's wife suggests that spending a weekend in the country might help him get rid of his nightmares. Craig then drives up to Foley's cottage in Kent as in the start of the film.

According to Kinematograph Weekly the film performed well at the British box office in 1945.[5] The 'biggest winner' at the box office in 1945 Britain was The Seventh Veil, with "runners up" being (in release order), Madonna of the Seven Moons, Old Acquaintance, Frenchman's Creek, Mrs. Parkington, Arsenic and Old Lace, Meet Me in St. Louis, A Song to Remember, Since You Went Away, Here Come the Waves, Tonight and Every Night, Hollywood Canteen, They Were Sisters, The Princess and the Pirate, The Adventures of Susan, National Velvet, Mrs. Skefflington, I Live in Grosvenor Square, Nob Hill, Perfect Strangers, Valley of Decision, Conflict and Duffy's Tavern. British "runners-up" were They Were Sisters, I Live in Grosvenor Square, Perfect Strangers, Madonna of the Seven Moons, Waterloo Road, Blithe Spirit, The Way to the Stars, I'll Be Your Sweetheart, Dead of Night, Waltz Time and Henry V.[6]

Clad in contemporary dress approximating what their characters may have worn, the volunteer undead tell their life stories to groups of 30 and 40 people. Tour guides in blue robes lead the way from grave to grave, showing old photographs on tablets and providing narration to set the stage for the next spectral guest.

This year, the event fell on a Saturday night, with story-tellers including veterans of both the Revolutionary War and Civil War, a socialite who survived the sinking of the Titanic, captains of industry and town benefactors, to name a few.

In 1947, hard-boiled private eye Ben O'Hara is searching for a missing girl in an abandoned hotel. Investigate room by room, piece together clues, and give the living dead lead poisoning in this noir horror. Can you push through your fear and discover what became of her?

Still Ridge is a retro-style point-and-click adventure game set in a West Virginia town. Guide Omar Fletcher, a dream traveling therapist, as he investigates a murder he witnessed in his dreams. Navigate the nightmares of Still Ridge's citizens to uncover the mystery of the secluded mountain town.

Sombre is the hue of the man suffused with blackish bile, his body thin and dry and of meagre bulk. His aspect is frightful, his mind wanders and he says little, his spirit gloomy with sorrows, anxiety and horror that come at dead of night with ideas that disturb his mournful mind. Often he is as hungry as a dog, yet with appetite unsated he belches acid, his pulse is slow and infrequent, while the fluid leaving the kidneys is thin and pale, occasionally thick and foul and blackish. The skin is black with vitiligo or speckled with scurf, piles emerge at the anus or varices in the leg, and there may be cancer in the breast. Food causing flatulence is noxious. The juice of meat is excellent, and clear wine diluted thin; and drugs are helpful if but they purge the black humour. Whoever is dry and cold, with liver, heart and spleen weak and obstructed, has dark abundant humour: severe care and vigilance oppress the studious, the mind is seized and gapes at things in terror.

Thanks for sharing it. Your situation sounds a lot like what I went through on Chicoma Mountain in 2007. What should have been an easy hike turned into an all-nighter because I got panicky and amped on adrenaline.I've been on both sides: as a member of SAR and as someone needing their assistance. We empathize with those who called us out, but until you have been truly lost yourself, it's difficult to convey what it feels like to be lost, not just off-route.I learned never to be complacent. It can happen to experienced individuals too.

Actually, phones are not the answer.First, they can't always catch a cell tower.Second, they aren't always charged up.Thirdly, its common for folks to use the flashlight in the dark and drain the phone battery.Fourth, they easily break upon falling.The answer is always having a map/compass which are considered by all experts to be the primary means of navigation. GPS receivers are actually secondary for the same reasons as phones. And knowing where you are at all times via that map and compass.Finally, retreating the route is the most often recommended action. Not pushing forward into unknown terrain where you might end up cliffed out.A very rewarding, educational, entertaining book that was written by a retired national park service ranger is the minimum training every high school kid should be given. The soccer and basketball can wait. Training in how to survive outdoors alone is far more important. "Over The Edge: Death in Yosemite" and its companion volume, "Over the Edge: Death in Grand Canyon." Both are actual case files of fatalities in those public parks and what the victims did wrong. Both are written with each case file in two or three brief but fascinating pages. By learning what other victims did wrong, you'll be less likely to repeat their mistakes. Like the one case of the fellow and his girlfriend who hiked in Yosemite to view the full moon rise (well, and whatever else they did). But they didn't bring a light of any kind. After dark, while trying to hike down, both fell to their deaths. A simple mistake of not having the 10 essentials. Most incidents in the wild happen to the day hiker ... because day hikers are the ones usually not expecting trouble and the ones thus without the 10 essentials. Backpackers have their gear and are mentally prepared to be out overnight and thus have fewer emergency incidents.

Well, we all make mistakes, eh?I just recently told someone that I'd rather sit back against a tree and wait till morning rather than have a noisy helicopter come looking for me and have myself end up on the news as the bonehead who got lost 1 mile from the pavement. She asked if I'd say the same thing given the threat of mountain lions... and I said, "Uh, yes." And, yes, mountain lions are a threat despite the wanna-be experts of our time claiming otherwise. They're not house kitties. And once attacked, a human doesn't often succeed in escape. One man did manage to fight off an attack in WA state a few years ago but only after losing one of his eyes in the fight. And he was using his knife.Getting lost happens more often than not to the inexperienced in the SF Bay Area. We read of people about once a year doing that. Well, you're more experienced than me. I mean the stories of those who get into similar situations in Annadel Park with the residences of Santa Rosa all around them.But the cool of night and your lack of water made it important to get out.I guess you probably take your map / compass / gps / water / light jacket / snack / fully charged phone and probably a emergency satellite transmitter device when you go solo again, eh? :)

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